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Welcome to my website. My goal for you whether it’s on this site, on my Youtube Channel or my Membership based educational platform is to help you improve your life through blockchain technology, otherwise known as Cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin was founded anonymously in 2009 and it’s has grown in use and adoption since then with it’s technological foundation expanded upon ever since by other blockchain tech groups.


It is the way of the future and early adopters are indeed rewarded for their time and effort spent in the space. Though still fairly early, institutions have been accumulating over the counter through out the bear market while telling you to stay away. Now, they are welcome new customers with open arms and shouting from the rooftops how amazing the tech is and how it’s going to change the world as we know it.


Relying on major news media will only ensure you’re only ever getting the message they want you to consider which is rarely the truth in today’s media.


I’m here in efforts to educate you in a brutally honest way with a call it as I see it personality that tries to be as transparent, informative and straight up as it gets. This doesn’t mean I’m always right in my opinions or assumptions and because of that, and the fact that I am not a licensed financial advisor or tax accountant or anything of the sort, I encourage you to take what you learn from me and apply it with your own research and together, we will change our lives for the future, for the better and take the wealth so many of us continue to grind out our lives hoping to achieve.


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